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Reshoring - An optimized supply chain solution discussion with expert Paul Ericksen of Industry Week

With the Chinese-US/Canadian relationships rapidly deteriorating and reshore interests growing due to current supply chain disruption, rising costs and many other factors, this objective discussion will get expert opinion based on supply chain experts Paul Ericksen (Industry Week), Vic Venettozzi from the US and Dr. Eamon McKinney who is based in China.

China - An Aerospace prospective from industry experts Richard Aboulafia and Dr. Eamon McKinney

With the Chinese/US relationship rapidly deteriorating and China's aerospace aspirations growing, this objective discussion will give expert opinion on what's going on in China along with the impact of the covid situation and the threats and (aircraft sales and reshore) opportunities for North American Aerospace companies. Special attention is given to President Trumps recent Executive Order relating to China and its potential profound affect for these Aerospace companies.

Reshore - A critical view from China and the USA with Dr. Eamon McKinney and Harry Moser

The podcast gives an objective discussion by China Manufacturing expert Dr. Eamon McKinney and US based reshoring champion Harry Moser. The view from China by Dr. McKinney who is a renown sinologist will give you a rarely discussed understanding of how the Chinese are actively decoupling from the US, Canada and other allied countries, so are in many cases forcing North American companies to reconsider their supply chain strategy. Harry Moser is the President of who gives the background to their initiative, what tools are available to help companies with their TCO decision making process and how companies are accelerating their reshore and near-shoring efforts to avoid additional supply chain disruption.


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